“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life” ― Michael Palin

2016 found us exploring the least explored and bring them to you. We were also a part of the team that opened door to climbing 3 new peaks that had never been climbed before.

Mount Raungsiyar (20,420 feet), Mount Langdak (20,407 feet), and Mount Thakar Go East (20,184 feet)
Mount Raungsiyar (20,420 feet), Mount Langdak (20,407 feet), and Mount Thakar Go East (20,184 feet)

We trekked one of the most mysterious and hidden valleys of the Nar Phu with a Slovenian group- a valley that only 4 to 5 groups had trekked in the last 5 years, a valley where even the locals hadn’t ventured in many years. Mardi Himal and Dolpo treks along with Dhaulagiri VII 7246m expedition were among few other exotic destinations that we explored.

So what is new in 2017? We go West! Yes, we extend our boundaries and venture further west of the Himalayas! Already in June and July we are exploring the alluring Markha Valley in Ladakh combing it with a 6153m Himalayan summit of Stok Khangri, from where on a clear day you can see upto K2 in the Karakorum range.


In September, we trek in the land of the last nomadic caravans in the world- The Dolpo.
Dolpo, a wild and mountainous region in the Far Western Nepal, lies in the rain-shadow of the mighty Mount Dhaulagiri. It is a beautiful, remote and culturally fascinating part of Nepal and it claims some of the highest inhabited villages on earth. For thousands of years, the Dropka nomads of Tibet and the Dolpo- pa Nepali of the south have boosted their meager food supplies in an ancient grain-salt trade between the two. Rickety bridges improvised from logs and stone slabs give access to the rugged upland country of Upper Dolpo, where snow leopards, white wolves and rare Himalayan blue sheep still roam. We make this trip into even more exciting as we traverse further west crossing two passes to the most beautiful and largest lake of Nepal- the Rara lake. As described by GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) founder Bill Greer: “a shimmering blue jewel set in a ring of snowy peaks” it is best known for its surreal beauty and serenity.

What makes us unique is our vivid romanticism for the Himalayas, and this is what inspires us to come up with eccentrically beautiful trips. Some years ago, while on a trek with a French and British Osteopaths, we came up with the idea of combining Yoga with trekking- and then many companies in Nepal followed suit. So this time we embellish the concept of Yoga and trekking even further- we bring you Yoga in Tibet!
So here we are- 2017 for those seasoned travellers who have done the popular treks to Everest and Annapurna, and are looking for something more exotic and less explored. Join us in our fascinating journeys exploring the inner Himalayas!

A Tibetan woman offering prayers.
A Tibetan woman offering prayers.


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