On the trek

What is included in my trip?

Our packages are usually all-inclusive; hence, we ensure that we include as many services as possible in your trip to minimize any extra expenses out of your pocket. Our trips include all transport, most meals, accommodation and much of the equipment you will need for your adventure. It is important that you refer to our “Price includes” section mentioned below every trip notes for the exact inclusions.

How much money will I need on the trek?

Since our trips include all transport, most meals, accommodation and much of the equipment you will need for your adventure, there is little to spend. In Kathmandu: You will need money for your shopping and going around the town. This is something we cannot presume the amount since it is entirely upto individual.

On the trek: You will need around 6 to 8 USD per day, which will be your money for buying beverages, chocolate bars if you need, occasional donations at monasteries and schools and hot showers. Solar heated hot showers costs between 1 to 5 USD depending on the region of trekking. In addition to this you will need to bring some money for staff tipping at the end of your trip. It is customary in Nepal to tip the staff and your group leader. Your group leader can suggest you an appropriate amount depending on the nature and no. of days of the trek and the no. of clients in the group.

How fit should I be?

We have graded all our trips, allowing you to choose a suitable trip for you. Please refer to our grading system under ‘Grading’ on this website. Various factors such as length of trek and walking day, trail conditions, maximum and average altitude, maximum elevation gain/loss per day, prevailing weather conditions, temperature range, remoteness and general level of comfort, contribute to the difficulty of a particular trip. Although we have tried to make our grading system as clear as possible, it cannot take into account your personal interests and abilities, however, it gives you a general idea of what to expect. In addition to reading the information under “Grading”, we recommend you to read the associated trip dossier before booking any holiday.

What level of comfort can I expect?

We make sure that your holiday is a trouble free and comfortable as well. We use tourist standard luxury Hotels while in urban areas and use comfortable private vehicles for transportation. On our lodge/ tea-house treks we have selected some of the best lodges in the area with comfort and hygiene in mind. On camping treks we use top quality and reliable brands. We provide tents from Hilleberg, Ozark or Mountain Hardware, dining tent with comfortable dining tables and chairs, toilet and shower tents etc. All your gear is carried by porters or pack animals and our staff prepares the camp. Meals are cooked for you by our well trained kitchen crew.

How much baggage am I allowed to bring on the trek?

The airlines stipulation for STOL (short landing and take-off), limits a maximum baggage allowance of 15 kg per passenger. Please make sure that your baggage does not exceed 15 kg limit. For climbing expeditions we allow more baggage allowance, where most of the extra baggage that is not required during the trek but only used during the climbing part are flown in by helicopters.

Where will I store my extra baggage?

Before you leave on the trek, your extra baggage will be stored at the hotel and you will be given your baggage tag. When you return from the trek, you can claim it back.

What are the arrangements for food and water on the trek?

On our camping treks, our cook and the kitchen crew prepares hot food which is normally a very balanced diet comprising of fresh vegetables and breads, to pastas and sandwiches and occasionally even cakes and pizzas. Breakfasts are usually bread, cereals, eggs and cheese or ham with occasional hash browns. Lunches and dinner are a three course meals. We make sure that you get the required amount of carbohydrates and proteins and vitamins as you burn a lot of calories on daily activities, so plenty of vegetables, canned meat and fish (fresh meat wherever possible), eggs and rice and cereals are carried. We also provide boiled and treated water 4 times a day on camping treks.

On our lodge/ teahouse treks, we make sure to use clean and decent lodges that maintains high standard of hygiene. You can find variety of food on the menu, both local and continental cuisine. On certain remote trekking areas, where there are decent lodges but not good standard food, we send our cook to accompany you as one of your staff.

We provide boiled and treated water once a day on our lodge/ tea-house trek. We also carry a couple of our “steri-pens” (water sterilizing pens) that you can borrow to sterilize your water that you have collected from the tap or stream.

Can I organize a tailor made itinerary?

If the specified departure dates are not suitable, or you would like to vary the itinerary, we would be happy to devise a program to suit your travel interests. This service is available to any individual or group. Tailor made trips are usually closed groups, meaning- there is no one else participating on your trip other than you or your group. Therefore, the prices may vary according to the no. of participants. We regularly organize tailor made holidays for families, groups of friends, schools, clubs and special interest groups and we’d be happy to advise you on your plans.

What are the chances of trips being cancelled?

The minimum number of people required for a trip is 2 to 4 depending on different trips, so you can be confident of going on the trip that you have booked.

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