Tibet is the highest region in the world, at an average elevation of 4,300 m. Blocked by vast mountain ranges in the North, South and west, it is one of the world’s least populated areas. Tibet Autonomous Region, the mystic Shangri-la, the forbidden kingdom on the Roof of the world, has captured imagination for centuries. Great explorers and adventurers of the century have ventured into this holy land rendered inaccessible by the hostile natural conditions and bandits that waylaid them across through the Himalayas.

Tibet’s past grandeur, majesty, magic and mystery still remain undiminished. One can still see today nomads herding their yaks, pilgrims worshiping at sacred shrines, as well as the expansive, striking and enduring Himalayan topography.

When China launched its new “open-door-policy” in the early 1980’s, tourism of the Tibet Autonomous Region has seen a rapid development in tourism. Over the last 34 years, Tibet has attracted thousands of visitors, mountaineers, and explorers from over 60 countries and regions. The accommodation and transportation facilities for tourism have been greatly upgraded.

Tibet is truly an adventurer’s paradise! It has been a source of inspiration for sages and ordinary people of all time. Tibet enjoys rich travel resources, including Mt. Qomolangma (Mt. Everest) the highest peak in the world on the Sino- Nepalese border, the winding Yarlong Tsangpo River with the Brahmaputra Great Gorge, and the Holy Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar lakes, as well as ancient ruins, palaces and monasteries, folkloric activities and religious ceremonies.

Tibet at a glance:

Population: 3.03 million (2011)
Area: 1,228,400 km²
Capital city: Lhasa
Highest elevation: 8848 m (Mt. Everest) shared with Nepal.
Average elevation: 4300 m


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